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Deepwater Wave Catcher and Current Catcher Combination; New Wave Catcher Barge

Economical Marine Power On A Large Scale

Marine Energy Corporation designs marine power generator support systems. Some of the systems currently have generation capacity of over 15 megawatts with costs per output capacity similar to onshore wind power in optimum situations. These systems can be installed globally, in most water depths, individually or in a large scale power farm delivering gigawatts of power.

The oceans are huge power sources which can be developed economically on a large scale.

  • Most of our electrical power today comes from hydrocarbon and nuclear fuel sources, and we must depend on these fuel sources for many years to come as the international need for power continues to grow and until alternative energy can produce significant energy.

  • We all know that burning hydrocarbons causes air pollution and possibly contributes to global warming, and we know that nuclear power can be very dangerous, if not properly controlled. Therefore, the sooner we convert to alternative energy based power, the cleaner and safer our planet will be and the less the impact will be when traditional energy production declines.

  • Marine power is a very attractive alternative since it causes no pollution, is virtually unlimited, and can be a major power contributor in a short period of time.

  • Alternatives like marine power can also help slow the traditional energy production decline by supplying needed power to develop traditional fuel supplies.

This website will show how marine power can be the alternative energy of choice and how marine power generators can be installed globally on a large scale as economically as onshore wind power.


This website will also show how multiple wave and current generators can be mounted on the same support frame and how these support frames can:

  • be built, transported and installed in one piece with their generators

  • be installed in most water depths anywhere in the world using conventional offshore installation equipment

  • work together to resist wave forces

  • be maintained safely and economically using conventional offshore equipment

The offshore industry has the tools, the experience and the technology needed to make these structures a reality and make them last for hundreds of years, and the Marine Energy Corporation has the systems and know-how to make it economical.