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Deep Water Current Catcher

Deep Water Current Catcher©

(Capacity 16.8 MW with 28 - .6 MW Generators)

Super Watt Wave Catcher Barge

Super Watt Wave Catcher Barge©

(Capacity 24 MW with 4 - 6 MW Generators)


Economical Marine Power On A Large Scale

Marine Energy Corporation designs marine power generator support systems. Some of the systems currently have generation capacity of over 24 megawatts with costs per output capacity similar to onshore wind power in optimum situations. These systems can be installed globally, in most water depths, individually or in a large scale power farm delivering gigawatts of power.

The oceans are huge power sources which can be developed economically on a large scale.

  • Most of our electrical power today comes from hydrocarbon and nuclear fuel sources, and we must depend on these fuel sources for many years to come as the international power needs continue to grow and to fuel the construction of the alternative energy systems until these systems can produce significant power to match a gradual or rapid shortfall in the hydrocarbon and nuclear fuel systems.

  • Producing hydrocarbons has been shown to be a global environmental risk, and as a result, fewer and fewer offshore coastlines are available for hydrocarbon development. Burning hydrocarbons causes air pollution, contributes to global health problems and many believe causes global warming. Nuclear power accidents have caused huge worldwide health risks, and risky nuclear power plants are being shut down everywhere. Few new nuclear power plants are being installed as a result.

  • Currently worldwide oil and gas producers are able to meet the global demand due to slow worldwide economies and high US oil and gas production rates. However, global unrest, the Arab spring, Iran, growing environmental concerns, etc., could send us back into a global hydrocarbon shortfall. Relatively small oil and gas production rate changes have been shown to trigger large changes in oil and gas prices and possibly cause large changes in the worldwide stock markets.¬†Are we developing enough alternative energy options to lessen the impact of hydrocarbon¬† supply and demand changes? The answer is no.

  • Investing in the most economical and long lasting forms of alternative energy should be a priority. It is cleaner and safer; it will likely improve all of our lives, extend our life expectancy and improve nature all around us. It could also cushion the impact of large short and long-term changes in the world in oil and gas supplies and the impact on worldwide stock markets.
  • Marine energy is a very attractive alternative energy since it causes no pollution, is virtually unlimited, and can be a major power contributor in a very short period of time.

  • Alternatives, like marine energy, can help cushion the impact gradual hydrocarbon energy production declines and associated higher energy production costs with time by supplying needed power to offset the decline.

  • Marine energy generators can be designed to survive 100 year storm conditions and, in high energy locations, can be installed as economically as onshore wind power.

  • Energy companies are facing higher and higher oil and gas exploration and development costs making it harder and harder to find economical opportunities with low risk predictable cost and schedule outcomes. Energy companies are looking at other ways to supply the world's future energy needs including the use of alternative energy to lower their own fuel costs.

This website will show how wave and current generators can be moored in varying water depths from shallow to ultra deep water and how these generators can be: built, transported and installed in one piece with their generators in most water depths anywhere in the world using conventional offshore transport and installation equipment and how these systems can also be maintained safely and economically using conventional offshore equipment.


The offshore industry has the tools, the experience and the technology needed to make these structures a reality and make them last for hundreds of years, and the Marine Energy Corporation uses these systems and know-how in its patents to make these installations economical.